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Revamped Marketing Strategies for the Internet Age

As we left the Industrial Age and entered the Internet Age, in other words, the Information Age, a massive information flow started taking place in our lives. The most important reason for this is that mobile devices, that is, devices that connect to the internet, have a bigger place in our lives with each passing day.

Real-time Data Analytics Gives Businesses Better Insights

Businesses can gain a better understanding of customer behavior by using real-time data analytics. Enterprises have recently shifted their strategies from broad audience targeting to personalized or tailored methods, with real-time data playing a key role.

Leading Tech Company EVAM Expands Its Horizons to Miami for the North & South American Markets

EVAM, a next gen tech company that benefits companies and their customers in a variety of ways with its real-time data processing technology, continues its global advancement with its new office in Miami. With its Miami office, EVAM will expand its operations to not only North America, but to the LATAM market as well, which is among the world’s rising economies.

Some Food for Thought from Webrazzi Digital 2022

At the Webrazzi Digital 2022 Event, which was held on March 16th at the Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent, technologies such as the Metaverse and NFTs that deeply impact the manner in which businesses are conducted, communication, and marketing were put under the microscope. But perhaps due to my selective perception, the observations made regarding the changes in marketing professionals’ skill sets and consumers’ expectations piqued my interest much more.

Mobile World Congress 2022: Key Elements of Digital Transformation

I wanted to share the projects that caught my attention and the industry-related things I noted after attending Mobile World Congress, which is held every year during the last week of February in Barcelona, Spain, and is considered one of the world's largest trade events in the tech business.

A New Era of Humanity in the Business World

A new era of humanity is beginning in the business world. Korn Ferry presents compelling data regarding this new era with their report “Future of Work Trends 2022: The new era of humanity”. Employees are asking more humane questions regarding their work, and they rightfully don’t want to be seen as a cog in the machine.

Press Release – Leading tech company EVAM continues to strengthen its management team

Having recently received an investment from CEECAT Capital, a Luxembourg-based private equity investor who is one of the leading investors in its region, EVAM continues to expand globally in the European, US, and Russian markets whilst strengthening its core management team.

Press Release – Luxembourg Based Private Equity Fund CEECAT Capital Has Acquired a Majority Stake in Evam

Evam, is a leading provider of next generation customer engagement paradigms, tools and systems to connect enterprises to theircustomers and help them stay in touch with them, has received an investment from CEECAT Capital, a leading private equity investor focusing on the high growth companies of Emerging Europe. With this investment, CEECAT now owns a majority stake in Evam.

Leveraging Streaming Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

All businesses, especially financial services, insurance companies, communication service providers, retail companies, airlines have to deploy intelligent solutions to enhance the user experience.