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Press Release – Next-generation leading technology company EVAM announces two new appointments to the management team

EVAM, a global technology company that empowers banks, telecommunication companies and others to process billions ofinteractions and ensure the right action to be taken in real-time to derive maximum business value has strengthened its management team with two new names. 

Create a Connected Customer Journey Across Your Organization

Businesses have come a long way since the traditional methods of marketing and conventional media. It has now become easier to communicate and reach out to their target audience. Organizations leverage print, radio, TV, and social media to generate more reach and increase brand awareness.

Evam Explains the Essentials of Customer Journey Orchestration

Every business knows that there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into making the customer’s experience with your brand a positive one.

What Are the Benefits of End-to-End Customer Journeys?

When organizations decide on improving the customer experience, they tend to focus on specific touchpoints. Businesses would often take a look at their previous transactions to determine what went wrong. They often revert to the interactions that took place with customer service, sales, and marketing teams.

Real-Time Marketing Strategies for Today’s Marketers

The main objective of real-time marketing is to increase the engagement of businesses with their target audiences. This engagement journey involves taking your customers with you on real-time campaigns, making them feel more connected to the brand.